Upload my Movie to the Web

Learn how to make your movie instantly available by uploading it straight to an FTP server once it's complete in Demo Builder.

In the Thumbnails view, click on export options or press CTRL+E. When the export options box appears, after you have selected a format, go to the destination tab and tick FTP Server.

Then you need to enter the Server address, you can get this from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or from the web server's administrator (for example, hostname.com or 02.352.67.162). The Port connects to the FTP website, it is normally 21, but may be different if you are going through a firewall or if the FTP is assigned to a non-standard port. The Path is the destination address for the file.

Fill in the Username and Password assigned to you for the website.

Under the After Upload heading, the URL Prefix you enter will be used when creating a full URL, you can select to copy the URL to clipboard and you can select to have your file opened in your default browser once your upload is complete so that you can view your creation online immediately.

Click OK to save your settings or Export to save your settings AND export your movie to the FTP Server.