The Aggregator

Use the Aggregator to link together your SWF, FLV and MP4 files and navigate through them easily with a table of contents linked to the resulting file, which will play your movies one after another, you can also export it in either Flash or EXE file formats.

To use the Aggregator, select it from Demo Builder's Extras menu. This will open a window called Tanida Aggregator, click on File and select New or press CTRL+N. Drag and drop in files to create an Aggregator project or press the + icon to add a new item. The window will have 2 columns:

The one on the left is for items and sub-items. When you drop a video in the Aggregator it will appear in the right column and create an Item in the left column. An item is like a playlist and sub-items would be the files in that playlist.

At the bottom of this window select the Customize tab to customize each element in your aggregator project.

To export your project, select the Airplane icon and choose between a Flash format (.swf) or Standalone (.exe). A Flash format will create 3 files HTML, SWF and JS file and Standalone will only create one exe file.