Use this function if you have a computer voice that you would prefer to use instead of your own to narrate your movie.

Demo Builder does not come with pre-installed voices but allows you to make use of any voices you have on your computer.

For free standing Text-to-Speech; add Text-to-Speech in the Design view by selecting the Background audio tool (shaped like a speaker) in the panel on top of the canvas. Select Text-to-speech and an options box will open up. Here type out what you want said and click on the Person icon to choose a voice saved on your computer. Press the Play button to preview the text-to-speech audio and click the check mark when the audio is ready to go to the Timeline.

For Text-to-Speech attached to an Object; you can also select an object on your timeline that contains text that you want to convert to speech. Click on the object and select the Person icon for Text-to-Speech in the panel on top of the canvas, a drop down menu will allow you to preview the audio by clicking the green Play button and change the voice by clicking the person icon.

Make sure that your object appears long enough for the text to be uttered, if it is not a dotted line near the end of the object will appear on your timeline and the movie will pause at this point until the audio is finished.