Resize Your Movie

Use this feature to customize the size of your movie to exactly what you need.

Resize your movie by clicking its dimensions in the options panel on top of the Thumbnails view. Choose from a menu of pre-set sizes for your movie's height and width according to what you need, the pre-set sizes will also tell you which function they are most suited for. There is also an option to set a custom size.

At the bottom of the resizing menu you will notice different size options. Current size shows you the dimensions of your movie currently. Original size can be selected to return your movie to the size it was recorded in. Design size will change your movie to the size in Design view during the editing phase, but can only be selected if the design dimensions are less than 100%.

If you plan to reduce the size of you movie, use the Anchor options to choose from what sides your movie will be cut off or extended.