Narrate the Timeline

If a brilliant audio idea strikes you during your editing phase, you can quickly record it to your movie with the Demo Builder Narrate Timeline tool.

In the Design view place the Playhead on the timeline where you want to start recording audio, then you can record audio directly on to the timeline by selecting the Narrate timeline icon that is shaped like a microphone. Click on it to start recording immediately and click again to stop or it will stop automatically when the movie reaches the end of the scene.

Your recording will then appear on the timeline as a sound wave, you can drag it back and forth on the timeline to change when it starts playing.

You can also hold down CTRL, click in an open space in the timeline and drag it right to create space in your timeline specifically for narration. The space will be highlighted green, you can click Narrate timeline and the recording will continue until the end of the space you've highlighted.