My Movie in Flash

Learn more about Flash. This format is really popular for animated videos especially when played over the internet as there is a Flash player installed in almost every internet browser.

In the Thumbnails view, click on export options or press CTRL+E and select Flash in the format tab. In the Flash tab you can edit your format settings, when you type in a new title for your movie click on the gear icon next to it.

You will see a Flash options box; here you can select JPEG compression if your movie is made up of imported images or select 256 colors reduction if your movie used screen shots or full motion recording or select Grayscale to render your movie in gray.

To add your Flash (.swf) file to a webpage you need to tick HTML. Here you can add an html name (no need to include .html) and edit the HTML content any way you like. However, these are special codes that you should not change:

You can also adjust the html page background colour and size.

Tick Enable LMS support if you would like to upload your movie to a learning management system and choose the options (AICC or SCORM).

When you choose the Flash format you will be creating 3 files: an SWF (flash) file is the actual movie, an HTML file is a webpage that will display your movie and a swfobject.js file to properly display the movie in Internet Explorer. All 3 of these files need to be uploaded to your web server for you to share your movie online. Click OK to save your settings or Export to save your settings AND export your movie.