My Movie as a Standalone exe file

If you want your movie to be easily accessible to PC users, choose Standalone and Demo Builder will create an executable (.exe) file that does not need extra software to be played on a PC, your movie will be formatted with a built-in player!

In the Thumbnails view, click on export options or press CTRL+E and select Standalone in the format tab. Then in the Standalone tab you can enter the title of your movie in File name (you don't need to add the .exe extension) and in Title will be the name of the window your movie is played in.

If you select Full Screen, when your movie is opened it will play in full screen automatically. By selecting Create autorun for CD you will create an autorun inf. file. Burn the inf. file to a CD with your .exe file and when the CD is inserted into a PC it will play your file automatically.

Click OK to save your settings or Export to save your settings AND export your movie.

Note : This is NOT compatible for MAC OS X or LINUX.