Localize your Movie

The Localize Wizard will allow you to export the text you've inserted in balloons, text boxes and notes to a Word document where it can be edited and then imported back to your movie.

The Localize feature is especially helpful when you need to translate your movie into various languages. Select Localize from the Demo Builder File Menu. Then an options box for Localize will pop up, choose export to send files to a word document for editing or import to bring in text from a word document and add them to your movie.

When you export select Open document and the word file will open as soon as your texts are exported. Here the text will be duplicated in 2 columns; you can change the text on the right. When you have made all your changes go back to Demo Builder, open the Localize wizard but click Import. Select the word document you changed and click run.

In the Word document your texts will keep the size and colours they have in your movie, so white texts will not be seen, all you need to do is change them to black in Word and change it back in Demo Builder.