Inserting Additional Scenes

If you think something's missing from your masterpiece, you can easily add new scenes to your movie from the Thumbnails view.

To add a new scene from the Thumbnail view, click the Insert new scenes icon which is a scene with a big plus sign. Then an Insert new scenes options box will open up.

Here you can choose to insert a blank scene, record additional scenes, import a series of images or import a video. Choose one option and click Next.

Now you can choose where your new scene will be inserted in the movie. You can choose to insert it at the beginning of the movie or select append to end to have your seen inserted as the last scene. Choose where your scene will go and click Next.

You will be taken to an options box according to how you chose to insert the scene. If you chose to record the screen you will be shown the record screen options box. Finalize your options and add your new scene.