Export Your Tutorial

Look at Demo Builder's various exporting options, find out which format is most suitable for you and choose the best way to get your movie out into the world.

Once your movie is ready you can find exporting options in the Thumbnails view. The gear icon or CTRL+E will open up the export options window. The airplane icon or (F10) will immediately export your movie as a finished product.

In the export options window you can select the format you want your movie to be. Some of the formats are: Flash which is most popular for animated videos played over the internet, H264 is recommended for longer movies, there are also options for exporting movies in formats specifically for CD or for other video editing software. Each format has its own properties tab where you can make changes to suit your movie.

Finally the destination tab will allow you to select an output folder or configure an FTP server as a destination so that Demo Builder will upload you r movie directly to that server. So get ready to publish your first movie.