Edit Your Tutorial

This tutorial will show you the basics of text balloons and how they can be edited to enhance your movie. See how simple objects like these can add depth to your movie.

Select the scene you want your balloon to appear in from the Thumbnails view. Then in Design view click on the balloon tool or press (B) and click where you want your balloon to be.

When you select your balloon you will find editing options in the top panel. You can change the balloon name here; if you click the drop-down next to your balloon name you can also change the balloon size, location and rotation. Under the custom tab edit the style of your balloon and use the Angle icon to change the stem direction of your balloon. Finally, double-click on the balloon to change the text inside.

Now it's time to change the balloon entrance and exit. Select your balloon and it will be highlighted blue in the timeline; here you can change the time it appears and for how long. Underneath the timeline there are 2 custom tabs, the 1st one allows you to edit the balloon entrance to the scene and the 2nd one changes the exit. Use these tabs to let your balloon slide, spiral, fade in or out of your movie. There is also a preview that shows how the transitions look; if you're still sceptical, you can use the handy play button at the bottom right of the custom tab to play a preview of how the transition will look in your movie.