Cursor Basics

Make the most of your presentation by adjusting the cursor effects and make this simple pointer eye-catching.

In the Design view you can see cursor movement in the scene when the movie is not playing; cursor motion is represented as a line with a square at the start and end point.

To edit the cursor in your scene, click on the cursor in the timeline (it will appear as an object) and options for the cursor will become available at the top of the scene. Here you can rename the cursor movement.

Next to the cursor title is the Pointer icon; click on this to change the way the cursor looks in the scene by choosing one of the pointers or import an image for your cursor by selecting custom.

The Scale icon will let you adjust the cursor's size.

The Highlight icon will allow you to activate the highlight function and adjust the way a cursor will highlight during the scene.

The Path icon will allow you to change the path that the cursor follows; you can choose between a straight line a concave, convex or custom shaped path.

Use the last 2 icons to toggle a visual and sound effect for a cursor click or double-click. If neither option is selected, then there will be no sound when the cursor reaches the end of its path. You can use the Set effect properties button to change the color and radius of the click and mute the sound.