Creating a Movie with Screen shots

Learn how to use screen shots when full motion recording is not needed; Demo Builder keeps cursor movements and object transitions set so that result still has the effect of a video recording.

At the start-up screen select Record the screen. The recording wizard will pop up with a viewer of your screen in a red border. Select the Take screen shots icon and then click the gears icon to change your movie settings.

The Recording options window will pop up, select Take screen shots. Auto Recording will be enabled; this means that Demo Builder will automatically take a screen shot for every action taken using the mouse or keyboard.

If you want to take screen shots manually, uncheck 'Enable auto recording' and the hotkey for taking a screenshot will be set to PRINT SCREEN, you can also change the hotkey to another key instead of PRINT SCREEN. Click OK to save your settings and then click Record to begin creating your movie.

Immediately after you stop recording, the Personalize window will pop up, this will show you editing options for your movie but these options can also be selected in the editing phase; so just click cancel and you will be taken to the Design view where you can edit your new screen shot movie.