Creating a Movie using Videos

If your movie needs a video clip to give it the best effect possible, you can easily import a video file in to Demo Builder and add objects to it in the Design view.

At the start-up screen, select Import Video, and remember that a video is imported as a scene and not as an object that can be controlled within a scene.

In the Create new movie - Import video box, click the browse button to find the video file you want to import. When you have selected a movie it will have its original frame rate selected, but you can adjust this to a lower rate to reduce your movie's file size. You can also change the dimensions of the video; the original dimensions are displayed in blue. Click Import Audio if you need the audio of your video.

When you are ready to import, click OK. You will be taken to the Thumbnails view where your video will be presented as a scene. Select the video and you will go to the Design view, from here you can further edit your movie.