Creating a Movie using Images

If you would like to make a movie or slide show using images you can follow this easy tutorial, learn to swap images around easily and create cool transitions.

At the start-up screen, select Import Images. The Create New Movie - Import Images box will appear, here you can select the dimensions for your movie and import the images you want to use. Don't worry about images being imported in the wrong order; you can reorder them in the Thumbnails view. Once you have imported all images you will be using, you can select max, this will stretch all your images to the size of the largest image you have. If you don't need an image you can click the remove button.

When your images are ready, click okay and you will be taken to the Thumbnails view where the images are inserted as screenshots and each image is a scene that can be edited on its own. You can edit each image by selecting it and using the options in the Design view.