Create a Watermark

Use the Stamp tool to add a Watermark to your movie and subtly display titles, company names or artists so that your viewers can easily identify you.

Watermarks are used as a branding tool but also function to protect you from plagiarism. In the Thumbnails view select the Stamp icon in the top panel to create a Watermark.

A drop down menu will appear, click the folder icon to load the image you want to use as your Watermark. Once you have chosen an image for your Watermark, options to edit it will become available. Change where the Watermark will appear on the screen during the movie and the transparency. Another handy feature is that Demo Builder allows you to attach a URL to your Watermark, so that if your viewer clicks on the Watermark they will be taken to the website URL you specified.

After you have specified the area of the screen you want your Watermark to appear and the transparency, when you exit the Stamp tool menu, the Watermark will be visible in the Thumbnails view and in Design view.