Create a Click Zone

Let your viewer be more involved and put some interactivity in your movie by using handy Click Zones.

To add a Click Zone, in the Design view, select the Add new Button or Click Zone tool and select Click zone or press (Z) and click on the canvas where you want your Click zone to be.

Above the timeline you will find the Click zone events; click on these to edit what will happen after the Click zone appears and the movie pauses. Remember that each Click zone event will activate its own timeline that you can edit.

If you click:

On Success : this timeline will happen when your viewer clicks inside the click zone and it will un-pause the movie. You can add objects or audio like 'well-done' or a check mark to show that the correct action was taken.

On Failure : this happens when your viewer clicks outside the click zone and the movie will remain paused. Add a helpful object or audio in this timeline like 'aw, try again'.

On RollOver : this happens when your viewer hovers the cursor over the click zone but does not actually click on it. Here you can add a hinting object or audio like 'click me'.

While editing Click zone events you can also click on the action menu in the properties panel to change what will happen in each event. To exit the Click zone timelines and head back to your main timeline click outside the Click zone events on the white bar under the canvas.

Edit your Click zone properties in the top panel above the canvas; change its colour and style, also its size, location and rotation. You may also select the Hand icon to change the cursor to a hand symbol when it is on the click zone and choose between single, double or right click for your Click zone.