Create Your First Tutorial

Create a movie with ease by following this tutorial. Learn how to record your movie, add texts to it and then publish it so you can share your creation with others.

This tutorial will take you through 3 simple steps for making a movie; record, edit and publish. It shows how to make a tutorial for creating a new screensaver, but you can make a movie of anything you like.

Step 1: record your movie. From the start-up screen of Demo Builder select record the screen and the Recording Wizard will pop up; here you select what you want to record and how. The red lines show what part of your screen you will record; you can resize the red lines or select the fit to option to record a window. You can also choose to take a series of screen shots or use a full motion recording. Click the microphone icon to if you want a voice over narration for your video. When everything is set click the Record Button and once you're done click End recording or press F1.

Step 2: Edit. Once your movie is recorded, you will see your recording in the Thumbnails view. Once you select a scene you can add texts, balloons, pictures and more objects from the Design view by selecting icons in the options panel. To add a balloon select the balloon tool and place it in your scene, a bar that represents your balloon will appear in the timeline. Move the bar back and forth to change when the balloon appears and disappears, you can also edit the shape, colour and text of the balloon in the Editing screen.

Step 3: Publish. Now we can export your movie, first you need to head back to the Thumbnails view (click on thumbnails view or press F5). Click on Export Options or CTRL+E, in this option box you can select your output format, give your movie a title and select a destination file or server.