Auto Transformations

Learn a faster, simpler way to add transformations by using only your mouse and have finer control over the movements of your scene by activating Automatic Keyframing.

To activate or deactivate this Automatic Keyframing, click the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of the scene in Design View. You will know it's activated when a small square appears next to the arrow icon.

When this feature is activated all you need to do to add a transformation to your scene is navigate to the point on your timeline you want the transformation to happen and then use:

The left mouse button to Move the scene around in the frame.

The right mouse button to Rotate the scene on the Y axis by dragging the cursor left or right and on the X axis by dragging it up or down.

You can use the mouse wheel to make the image Scale bigger or smaller.

Once you are happy with your transformation use the play button to view your work.