Adding an Image

Learn how to easily integrate amazing images into your movie; Demo Builder gives you fantastic editing options to make the most of your images.

To add an image to your scene, select the Add image tool in the Design view and choose to add image from file, from clipart or take a screenshot. Alternatively press (F) to add an image from file, (P) from clipart or (H) to take a screenshot.

Once you've added your image edit its properties in the panel on top of the canvas. The drop down menu next to the image title will let you change the size, location and rotation of your image.

Click on the folder icon to replace the image with a different one. In the drop down menu next to this icon you can choose select transparent and adjust the images tolerance which will make it blend in with your background.

You can also reset the changes you have made to image. The arrow icons will flip and rotate your image.

Edit when and how your image will appear in the scene by adjusting it in the timeline.