Adding an Edit Zone

Add questions to your movie that your viewer will be able to type out answers to and influence how the movie continues by adding Edit zones.

To add an Edit zone, in the Design view, select the Add a New Edit Zone tool or press (E) and click on the canvas where you want your Edit zone to be. In the properties panel on top of the canvas, select the Thumbs up icon and type in the answer for your Edit zone; you can enter more than one answer.

When the Edit zone appears in your movie, the movie will pause and your viewer will type in an answer. Then 1 of 3 events will occur, each with its own timeline that you can edit:

On Pass : this is if the viewer typed in the correct answer, you can add objects or audio to congratulate your viewer and the movie will continue.

On Error : this is if the viewer types in the incorrect answer.

On RollOver : this happens when your viewer hovers the cursor over the Edit zone, here you can add objects with useful hints.

While editing Edit zone events you can also click on the action menu in the properties panel to change what will happen in each event. To exit the Edit zone event timelines and head back to your main timeline click outside the Edit zone events on the white bar under the canvas.

Edit your Edit zone properties in the top panel above the canvas; change its colour and style, also its size, location and rotation.