Adding a Zoom Area

This handy feature allows you to highlight a piece of your scene, zoom into it and bring it to the foreground while the rest of your scene plays out in the background.

In the Design view select the Add a new Zoom Area tool or press (O) and click on the canvas. You will then be shown a screenshot of the scene you are working with; select the area of the scene you want to zoom in to, when you have your area click the check mark in the top left corner to accept.

Now your scene will be dimmed and the zoom area will stand out in the foreground. You can move it around and enlarge it. In the panel on top of the canvas you can edit the zoom area's properties. In the drop down menu next to the zoom area title edit its size, location and rotation.

Click on the Source icon to open up the screenshot you selected the zoom area from and edit your zoom area. Click on the Paintbrush icon to edit your zoom area's style; add a border, dim the background, put a glow around your zoom area and cover the source of your zoom area.

If you activate Live, your zoom area will play what happens in the canvas in real-time, when Live is deactivated the zoom area will be static.

Edit when and how your zoom area will appear in the scene by adjusting it in the timeline.