Adding Transformations

Use transformations to make your movie more dynamic. Zooming in to stress key points or fading out to create emotional effect can all be done easily with Demo Builder transformations.

Select the scene you would like to edit and when in Design View navigate on the timeline to the point you would like to add a transformation. Once you have the point you want to edit, click Add transformation (to the left of the screen). Here you will see some options you can adjust:

The X, Y and Z bars will rotate your movie clip. The Scale bar will allow you to adjust the size of your entire scene. The Transparency bar will allow you to adjust opacity so you can edit a fade in or fade out. The Zoom bar will allow you to zoom in too important points or zoom out to see the full picture.

Once you've clicked Add transformation a symbol for it will appear on your timeline. If you want to change the duration of the transformation, just click in the blue area the transformation marks in the timeline and drag left. If you click and drag the symbol itself, you will be moving the entire transformation along the timeline, not making it longer. Once you are happy with your transformation either click the Preview button in the transformation options box or play your movie in the timeline to see the full effect of your editing.