Adding Animations

Choose from Demo Builder's pre-set animations or create your own to point out information and focus your viewer's attention.

Add an animation in the Design view by selecting the Add a New Animation Tool or by pressing (A) and clicking on the canvas where you want the animation to appear. Edit the animation's properties in the panel on top of the canvas. In the drop down menu next to the animation title you can adjust its location, size and rotation.

In the tab next to the animation title you can choose from the pre-set animations of squares, ellipses, arrows, hands and sketches. Select the icon at the end of the animation properties panel to Create your own animation. Once you click on this icon, a screenshot of your scene will appear and you can use your cursor to draw your custom animation.

Edit when and how your animation will appear in the scene by adjusting it in the timeline.

The animation's movement will not show during the editing phase in the Design view, but when you preview or export your movie, the animations will play normally.