Add an Interactive Menu

This is perfect for larger projects and makes navigation easy for your viewers. Use a Menu for your project to effortlessly display the content of your movie neatly.

In the Thumbnails view, click on the Navigation icon and select the Menu bar tab from the drop down menu. Click on the + icon to add a new Menu item. Rename the item and select an action for it, you can use Menu items to jump to other scenes in the movie or take your viewer to a webpage.

Sub-items can also be added underneath each Menu item, so you can sort and categorise your Menu any way you like. Just like Menu Items, Sub-items can also go to a different scene or take you to a webpage depending on what you assign to them.

Click on the Customize icon in the drop down menu to change the colour, size and text style of your Menu bar.

Preview your movie to test the Interactive Menu you've created before you export your movie to the world.