A series of Images

If you want to export your movie as a series of images you can easily do this with the Image Files option.

In the Thumbnails view, click on export options or press CTRL+E and select Image Files in the format tab. Then go to the Image Files tab, here you can choose which scenes to export and which objects to include.

Under the heading 'File Name' you can select how the file names for the images will be generated (Automatic file name or Use frame name as file name). Choose between BMP, JPG, GIF, or PNG for your image formats along with a suitable size.

If you would like to display your movie's images on a webpage you need to tick Export HTML file. You can change the Style of display between 'one image per page' or 'all images on page'. Enter the html file name (you don't need to add the .html extension) and edit the html content as you please, but do not change the special tags:


Click OK to save your settings or Export to save your settings AND export your movie.