Give Your Character a Voice

In the Design View select the Speak Tab in the Direct Your Character Panel; at the bottom of the Speak tab you will notice different options for Text-to-Speech, Record and Import.

When Text-to-Speech is selected the Speak tab will become a text box in which you can type out the text you would like Amy to say. Above the text box, the Plus icon will add the Text-to-Speech to the Timeline, the Play button will give you a preview and the X icon deletes the Text-to-Speech. You can also open the Pre-set text menu for pre written texts and open the Speech Synthesizer menu to create more natural sounding Text-to-Speech. Select LiveSpell to check for spelling errors and click on the Person icon to select an installed voice on your computer.

Click on the Record option and then select the Microphone icon to begin recording using your computer's Microphone. The recording will continue until the end of the Timeline or until you click Stop. Toggling the Narrate Timeline option will allow the movie to play while you are recording and clicking the Gears icon will allow you to change your computer microphone's settings.

To import an audio file, select Import and then click on the File icon to open a computer browser window. Once an audio file is imported you can further edit it by selecting the Pencil icon.

Once an audio file (Text-to-Speech, Recording or Import) it will appear as a sound-wave in the Timeline.