Character Posing Mimics and Actions

You can create various animation sequences for Amy using the Pose, Mimic and Action tabs. Here you will find different pre-recorded animations that are suitable for movie presentation. After an animation is selected click the Play button to preview the animation on the Canvas, click the X icon to delete the animation or the Plus icon to add it to the Timeline.

In the Pose tab you can find animations for Gestures (e.g. arms out, arms forward), Show (e.g. point left, point right), Confirm (e.g. OK, stop, thumbs up) and Miscellaneous (e.g. finger up, hands together). The Pose animations require a release animation, or Amy will remain in an End position, you can do this by clicking the Idle icon.

Mimic Animations prompt the viewer to perform a computer action, in other words, Amy will copy a computer action (e.g. click, drag and drop, select, etc.). These animations are not continuous, so Amy is automatically returned to her initial state and will not require a Release animation.

In the Action tab you can find animations for introductions (e.g. bow, waving), Subtle movements (e.g. toe tap, cough) and movie endings (e.g. bye-bye, call us, write us). These also do not require a Release animation.