Adding a Character

Open a scene in the Design View and click on the Character tab in the top panel, select Amy instead of None and the Character Amy will be added. In the Character tab you can choose between facing right, the center or left as Amy's initial position, one of these positions must be selected. In the drag area you can change where Amy appears on screen. The red numbers represent where Amy's position is, you can click on them to Restore Previous Values, change her Initial Position or align her to a previous scene containing a Character.

Drag the cursor along the Height bar to change Amy's size, select Auto-Hide to allow Amy to disappear (transition out) from view when she is not performing an action and select Apply To All Scenes to have Amy feature in all scenes of your Movie.

When editing Amy you can make use of the Direct Your Character Panel to the right of the Canvas in Design View, here you will see a wide array of animations, and all Character animations (e.g. speaking, walking, gestures, etc.) will appear in a Character Timeline which appears above the movie's normal Timeline when a Character is added.