With full-motion recording, can Demo Builder 6.0 really create better-than-live demonstrations?

Enhancements introduced in Demo Builder 6.0 include full-motion recording and the ability to import existing AVI movies. Powerful features like those enable even novice users to quickly create professional-looking, interactive flash movies to demonstrate products and software applications.

Using only words to teach someone how to use a new product or a complex software application rarely works well.

Adding pictures or screen shots can help. But consider what happens when you can put words and pictures together with sound, full motion recording, interactivity and even AVI video clips

"What happens is, you start to get demos that are even better than live presentations," says Dan Tatomir, CEO of Tanida, Inc., creators of Demo Builder. The company has just released Demo Builder 6.0, which counts full motion recording and the ability to include AVI movie clips among a number of enhancements over the previous version.

"Better-than-live means you can use your best people to build flash tutorials, complete with screen shots, live motion and more. You can edit scenes to make sure the demonstration is crystal clear, then let people watch it as often as they need to understand and use your application or product. You get a demo of virtually the same quality as live instruction, which can be viewed over and over, or sent out on demand to people in many different locations -- something you can't do with live instructors."

Demo Builder captures how you use an application, and automatically combines those interactions into a movie with annotations, cursor moves, voice-overs, animations, user interactions, and more. The movie can be viewed in any Web browser and distributed as a self-running executable. Moreover, the Demo Builder interface is highly intuitive, enabling even novice users to start producing high quality demos almost immediately.

Enhancements to Version 6.0 include:

  • Smooth, frame-rate-variable, full-motion video recording to capture drag-and-drop and other actions and turn them into animations
  • Easy importing of existing AVI format movies into your movie as fully editable scenes
  • Merging or splitting of scenes with just a couple of mouse clicks
  • Full editing of cursor motions to create complex, custom cursor moves
  • The ability to place marks anywhere in your movie where you can add new actions, repeat previous ones, or move back and forth between scenes
  • The ability to "lock" objects in a scene so they cannot be edited or moved accidentally

Demo Builder is particularly good for software developers who need to create computer-based tutorials for their applications but don't want the bother of learning a complex authoring tool or the expense of outsourcing their demos to high-priced consultants.

Educators and eLearning Creators can use Demo Builder's advanced capture, audio-visual and editing capabilities to shorten the time it takes to create high quality courseware.

Technical Support and Help Desk Staff can eliminate trouble tickets before they get raised with Demo Builder movies that enable users to clearly see all the steps, clicks and other actions they need to make to use an application successfully.

Sales and Marketing Personnel can make a bigger impact by using Demo Builder's advanced audio and animation effects to bring sales and marketing pieces to life. "Demo Builder's clear and simple interface, combined with its many automated functions – such as annotations and dialog balloons – literally lets first time users start producing professional-looking flash movies in just minutes," says Mr. Tatomir.

"But don't just take my word for it. I invite anybody who's interested to download a fully-functioning trial version at our website"

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We also offer fully-licensed copies of Demo Builder for reviewers, or for companies wanting to offer it as a contest prize

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