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Version 5 of Demo Builder introduces 15 new features and enhancements that offer improved flexibility and efficiency in creating application simulations and tutorials

Etobicoke, Canada. – December 20, 2005: Tanida Software today announces the release of Demo Builder 5. Designed for the Windows OS, this application enables you to create Flash demos and tutorials for showcasing software products. Demo Builder captures your interaction with an application as a series of screenshots, which are automatically combined into an interactive movie with annotations, moving cursors, voiceovers and animation effects. This movie can be viewed in any browser and distributed as a self-running executable. Additional features include auto-annotation of your activities, built-in audio editor, and FTP upload.

Demo Builder is ideal for software developers, who want to create computer based tutorials for their application without having to learn a complex authoring tool, or spend money to outsource. Using the Demo Builder's auto record and capture features, you can get started with your first demonstration in minutes. You simply start the recorder and take the actions you want to show in the tutorial. Demo Builder captures everything automatically. What's more, it can even automatically add note annotations and balloon tooltips to your screen captures without you having to type a character. The result of the capture is a sequence of editable screenshots that function as a story board. You can then elaborate them by adding a multitude of objects and visual aids and manipulating the time sequencing for scenes, objects, and visuals.

Improved Flexibility and Efficiency in Version 5 Version 5 of Demo Builder boasts many new features that help users create advanced demonstrations, CBTs and tutorials even quicker. Key new features include:

Record audio at movie capture or preview time. The new version allows you to record voiceover narration and sound during movie capture, preview or editing.

New events for interactive objects including OnRollOver. New events for interactive objects (buttons, click zones, edit zones) give you more control over how your movies behave in response to user actions. Each event has its own timeline. This allows you to precisely control the separate and specific sequencing of display and behaviors for that event. For each of these events, you can add an action to take or an audio to be played.

AutoCalculate Size\AutoCalculate Time. The AutoCalculate Size feature lets you size your text area to automatically fit the amount of entered text in balloons, buttons, and notes. The AutoCalculate Time automatically adjusts the object's timing in the timeline based on the settings of the reading speed property in preferences.

New animations. Animations have been redesigned, more animation categories, choose from colors and set the direction of motion for your animations.

Consistency. You can maintain consistency of "look and feel" at a single click. For balloons, buttons, notes, and texts you can now apply your chosen font style or formatting to all objects of the same type using the enhanced font properties editor.

Localize your movie for international distribution. A new Localize wizard lets you export your movie caption text (balloons, notes, texts) to the DOC format, and then import the text translated in the desired language back to the movie.

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We also offer fully-licensed copies of Demo Builder for reviewers, or for companies wanting to offer it as a contest prize

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