February 2014

Demo Builder 9.3

  • Upload your movie to DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive

    With a single click, upload and share your movie to DropBox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

  • Play YouTube Videos

    Using the Flash Video tool, you can now play YouTube videos within your Demo Builder movies.

December 2013

Demo Builder 9.2

  • Hotkey Tool

    Provides end-users with a visual representation of keyboard combinations utilized in your application
    e.g. CTR-O Open File, CTRL-S, Save File

  • Animated Texts now included in video

    Animated Texts are now included in final movie if you export your movie in video format.

  • Audio : Waveform representation in Timeline

    The new outline given to audit clips in the timeline will make finding audio clips and periods of silence faster than before.

  • Audio : Insert silence option in Timeline

    Drag the Add Extra Time handle in order to add insert Silence at any point in your movie. No need to open the audio editor anymore. Easier than ever.

  • Audio : Select best volume option in Timeline

    Is the volume too low in your audio clip? Simply right-click in timeline and Demo Builder will automatically select the ideal volume level for your audio clip.

March 2013

Demo Builder 9.1

  • Export in HTML5 format

    Playerbar, menu, start-end actions are included in the final output.
    Demo Builder creates the following files : html5 file, mp4, webm, html5db.js, html5db.css, html5db.png. The last three files are common and can be shared by any movie exported in HTML5 format.

  • Export in Google WebM format

    WebM is an audio-video format designed to provide royalty-free, open video compression for use with HTML5 video. The project's development is sponsored by Google Inc.

  • Upload to FTP has been improved

    Enter a url prefix and Demo Builder will open the default web browser OR copy the full url in Clipboard after uploading your file to your FTP server.

  • Send to email has been improved

    Now you have the option to zip all files and send the zip file via email as attachment.

  • Export in folder

    When selecting this option, Demo Builder will create a special folder for each export type. For example, it will create the folder \My Movie\Flash\ if you export in Flash format or \My Movie\HTML5\ in you export in HTML5 format.

  • Custom animations now included in video

    Custom animations are now included in final movie if you export your movie in video format.

  • Export progress window has been improved

    You are now able to see which file is being created and its destination. You can clearly see each operation's progress.

May 2012

Demo Builder 9

  • Aggregator - combine multiple movies

    This tool gives you the opportunity to combine muliple projects published in SWF or MP4 files. That is, the Aggregator creates a table of contents (TOC) using the names of the separate modules (SWF,MP4 files).

  • Animation Tool - redesigned and encompassing sketching possibilities

    Now you may set any color, thickness, and even add a shadow effect!

    Similarly, you may now also sketch your own animation using the Animation Builder. The Sketch effect is guaranteed to draw the attention of your end users.

  • Blur Tool - hide private content

    If you happen to capture private information during your recording session, you may now easily hide this content from being seen using the Blur tool.

  • All balloons, notes, buttons, and edit zones have been redesigned and a new style added

    The balloons, notes, buttons, and edit zones have all received a makeover in order to enhance your movie. Further, a new style (peal) was added.

  • Player bars have been redesigned and new ones have been added along with new features

    The player bars have been madeover while new models have also been added. New options including 'height' and 'caption' are now available.

  • Redesigned Menu bar

    The menu bar has been made over with a professional theme in mind, and keeping with a modern feel. Moreover, it is fully customizable in regards to colors and fonts.

  • Modernized cliparts library

    The existing images in the cliparts library have been subject to the same makeover treatment so that your movie may shine like never before.

  • Improved text rendering along with 'outline' feature

    Texts(including that which appears in all balloons, notes, and buttons) now appear smoother than ever. The Text Tool now enjoys a new option, appropriately named 'outline', which adds an effect especially brilliant when employed with larger font styles.

  • Preview movie prior to opening it

    It is no longer necesary to open a movie in order to determine its contents. In the intro screen, a small thumbnail will give you a glimpse into the movie.

  • Redesigned GUI to maximize efficiency

    The redesigned icons are more intuitive and consequently, make working with Demo Builder not only extremely easy, but truly enjoyable.

May 2011

Demo Builder 8.1

  • Zoom Area

    Draw the viewer's attention to areas of the scene that are particularly important. Zoom Area may be used to emphasize a step or area in the scene that might have otherwise been missed.

  • Intro - Working Folders

    Have your working folders placed in the intro screen to save time.

November 2010

Demo Builder 8

  • Transformations

    Add transformations that rotate the movie on the x,y and z axises. Transformations also grant you the ability to scale or zoom your movie.

  • Automatic-Keyframing

    When this option is enabled, you can add transformations using ONLY the mouse. Animating your movie in DB has truly become child's play! It's that easy!

  • Auto-Text,Highlight,Interact,Zoom,Rotate

    The newly embedded "auto functions" reduce the editing phase to one simple click! DB is now able to retain relevant information during capture time and then use this to add all balloons, text and transitions (to your movie) that it sees necessary to draw the end-user's attention.

  • Personalize

    Employ this function to add desired auto-functions, to modify the cursor, and to add intro & end scenes immediately after capture time. With the use of this option, and we're not kidding, your movie is personalized with one click of your mouse.

  • In-place Text Editor

    Edit exactly what and where you need to with our new 'in-place text editor'. Still in love with the previous text editor? Don't worry! You can choose to revert to it in the Preferences section of the new Version.

  • Movie Background

    You can now choose to give your movie a wallpaper, gradient or a simple, solid colour. Similarly, your recording is no longer held attached to the background. Now, you are able to rotate, zoom and adjust the position of this as your desire.

  • Movie, Start-End functionality, Domain Lock

    Restrict the accessibility of a movie to a specific domain.

  • Scene - Quick Preview

    Wish to quickly preview your scene? No longer do you need to move the playhead! To quick preview your scene, simply drag the mouse over the scene item.

  • Scene - Reflection effect, Drop shadow, Border

    Add a reflection effect or choose to rotate in 3D to add that WOW factor to your presentation!

  • Object - 3D rotation, attached

    bjects can now be rotated in 3D, scaled and/or rotated on the x,y and z axises. You may choose to scale the objects 'up', 'down' or have these 'stick' to the background image by selecting the appropriate 'attach' property.

  • Gradient Background - Texts and Animated Texts

    The text, animated text and gradient background tools have been thoroughly refined to make your movie shine! You can now also choose to have a gradient effect, apply a shadow and so much more

  • Cursor - drop shadow, scale, highlight effect

    Scale and/or add a highlight effect to your cursor pointer to draw the user's attention exactly where you desire it.

  • Click zone - Right-Click

    Need to train your end-users using the right-click event? Version 8 has you covered! DB 8 now allows you to capture all right click events.

  • Custom transitions per object

    Mesmerize your users with our stunning in/out transition effect. The new, jaw-dropping, 'blur' effect will further impress any end-user.

  • Timeline - Magnetic Ride

    The timeline has too received a facelift! The 'snap to' function has been updated and largely improved for your convenience.

  • Click To Continue

    The movie will be paused, allowing the viewer to read the content of the balloon and to continue playing only when this button is clicked.

  • Flash - ActionScript3, adjust size

    Adjust your movie's size, have it fit any browser window or choose to export in a custom size. ActionScript 3 is now included to make this process much faster and smoother.

  • Export your movie in Video format

    Choose to export your movie in AVI, WMV or MP4 format. (You may also resize and upload your movies to any video sharing website.) Export your movies in Video format, burn these to CDs or choose to upload them to video sharing websites such as Youtube and MetaCafe.

November 2010

Demo Builder 7.3

  • Text-To-Speech

    The callout text in your presentation can be spoken by the default text to speech voice on your computer.

  • Narrate Timeline

    Narrate the movie using the playback in the preview window as your guide. The audio clip created appears on the Timeline when the voice narration ends.

  • Playback with audio (Timeline)

    Watch the movie and hear the voice over parallel in the editorial view.

  • Add extra time (Timeline)

    Easily insert some space in the Timeline by dragging the Playhead.

  • Upload to YouTube (SWFToVideo)

    Express yourself to the whole world and let everybody see your movies by uploading them to YouTube directly !

August 2008

Demo Builder 7

  • User Interface has been redesigned

    The user interface has been redesigned to provide greater ease-of-use and better functionality.

  • Zoom-n-Pan

    Zoom-n-Pan allows you to zoom in a specific area of your scene in order to focus the viewer's attention on that area or to show specific details

  • Insert Flash Video

    Flash Video files add realism and depth to your movies. You can insert FLV files so that they play from any scene in your movie.

  • Record Active Window

    Automatically fit the screen capture to the active window.

  • Customize balloons

    A new balloon style, 'custom' has been added in version 7 which allows you to fully customize a balloon in terms of color and shape.

  • Click To Continue button on Balloons and Notes

    Place a 'Continue' button on a balloon and/or note. The movie will be paused, allowing the viewer to read the content of the balloon and/or note and to continue playing only when this button is clicked.

  • Playerbar - align top or bottom

    Now you can align the playerbar to top or bottom.

  • Add Play button before movie starts

    Add a Play button at the beginning of your movie. The movie will start playing only when you click the Play button.

  • Add Replay button at the end of the movie

    Add a Replay button at the end of the movie and the viewer can play the movie again with one click.

  • New transitions per scene - Dissolve,Newsflash

    New transitions per scene have been added: Dissolve, Newsflash

  • New Action : Execute JavaScript

    Execute JavaScript in a web browser. This option assumes you're publishing to HTML/SWF.

  • Import PNG files, transparent/animated GIF files

    Now you can insert PNG images with alpha transparency and transparent/animated GIF files.

  • Cursor - Customize click or double-click effect

    Customize the click and double-click effect by selecting the color, adjusting the radius and enabling/disabling the sound effect.

  • The Timeline has been improved

    The Timeline has been improved, to be simpler without compromising power. New features have been added: Undo function, show all 'changes', show current 'change'

September 2007

Demo Builder 6

  • Full-Motion Video Recording

    Demo Builder 6 now features full-motion recording capability. Choose your frames per second rate, and easily capture smooth recordings of your demonstration. Now capturing drag and drop functions, animations, and Flash websites has never been easier!

  • Import in AVI format

    Import AVI movies as scenes in Demo BUilder 6. If you have existing AVI movies that you want included in your Demo Builder presentations, you can import them and they become a scene within your movie.

  • Merge Multiple Scenes into one scene

    In the new Demo Builder 6, 'frames' are now called 'scenes'. You can now easily merge multiple scenes into one large scene, thus reducing the number of scenes displayed in the all-scenes view (movie overview).

  • Split one scene into multiple scenes

    You can easily split a scene into multiple scenes. You simply place the playhead at the point in the scene where you want to create the split, click two clicks later, the scene is split into two scenes. You can continue to split a scene as many times as you wish.

  • Full editing of custom cursor motion

    You are no longer limited to having straight, concave or convex cursor motions. You can now create complex custom cursor motions as well, and fully edit those motions.

  • Rectangle/Ellipse tool, 'Fill outer area' option

    When adding a rectangle or ellipse to a scene, you can now choose to fill it with a color, or instead, fill the outer area of the shape with the fill color.

  • Set object visibility/locked on canvas at design time

    You can now 'lock' objects in a scene so they cannot be edited or moved accidentally. You can also set an object's visibility in a scene to either ON or OFF, so for example you can have an object not display, without actually deleting it.

  • Improved Auto-Calculate Time algorithm

    The auto-calculate time algorithm has been completely redesigned, and you can now set specific 'words per minute' so that when using Auto-calculate time, the length of time a note or balloon is kept visible can more easily be controlled... automatically!

  • Marks

    You can now set Marks through your movies (in fact, several within any given scene). Marks allow you to identify certain points within your movie where you can then add actions. For example, let's say you want your movie to pause at mark 2 in scene 3, or at mark 3 you want your movie to jump back to mark 4 in scene 1 (just some examples).

  • Improved and faster screen capturing

    The screen capturing process has been much improved and is now quicker than in past versions!

  • Export All/Save All

    With one click you can now export all open movies in Demo Builder at one time, meaning you no longer have to manually click "Export" for every open movie. You can also "Save all" with one click. A great time saving feature for those who work on multiple movies at one time!

  • Save existing audio to disk

    Any audio you've imported into a scene or your movie can now be saved back to disk. This is handy if you have misplaced the original sound file and want to use it again in another scene, or if you make changes to an audio file with the built-in sound editor, and want to save your changes.

August 2006

Demo Builder 5.1

  • Add interactive menu to your movies

    Add an interactive menu at the top of your movie to link to additional content, or create a table of contents for large projects.

  • andouts - Export your movie in DOC format !

    You can now publish your project in Microsoft Word DOC format, which will display your slides on printable pages in the format you choose. Include cursor moves and text boxes if so desired, and even blank lines so students can take notes. Great for handouts!

  • LMS integration - SCORM 1.2/2004 and AICC compliant

    DemoBuilder 5.1 is now fully compliant with SCORM and AICC Learning Management Systems.

  • Password protect your movies

    Add password protection to your movies. This option allows you to create movies that will ask the user for a password prior to the movie playing.

  • Expiration date

    Add an expiration date to your movies, so that they will no longer play after the expiration date is reached. If a user attempts to view a movie that has expired, they are redirected to a webpage or display text with hyperlink.

  • Stamp your movies

    Easily add a custom watermark (or logo) to all scenes in your movies. Watermark can be altered in terms of physical location within all scenes, and opacity. You can optionally make it 'clickable' so that it hyperlinks to a webpage of your choosing.

  • End of Scene Action

    You can now add the following actions at the end of a scene: Continue, Go To Scene, Go To Movie, Go To URL, Close Movie or Run EXE

  • Click Zone - OnDoubleClick event

    Now instead of just assigning events based on a single click within a region, outside a region, or hovering over a region, you can now assign a separate event if a user double-clicks within, or outside a click zone or button. Events you can assign to OnDoubleClick events include: Continue, Go To Scene, Go To Movie, Go To URL, Send E-Mail, Close Movie or Run EXE.

  • Customize preloader

    You can now customize the preloader image that you can optionally display at the beginning of a movie, before it is fully loaded. You can also adjust what percentage must be reached before the movie starts.

  • Hotkeys to Stop, Pause/Unpuase and End recording

    We've included new hotkeys for stopping, pausing (and unpausing) and ending a recording. This is helpful if you want to take a break in recording, perhaps to open a new window and get it positioned properly before resuming recording.

  • Hide system tray icon during recording

    The system tray icon always used to display in the system tray during recording. It is this icon that used to have to be clicked to end a recording session. Now that there is a hotkey assigned to Ending a recording, you can opt to hide the system tray icon as it is no longer needed. This is useful for full screen movies where you do not want the system tray icon captured in your movie.

  • Grid, snap-to grid

    These are useful new tools to help line up images, cursors, notes and balloons within your movie scenes.

  • Fix last IE update

    We've included a script (ieupdate.js) which is used to work around the KB912945 patch.

June 2006

Demo Builder 5

  • Record Background Audio at Movie Capture Time

    Record voice-over narration at the time of capturing the screenshots for your new movie.

  • Record Background Audio at Movie Preview Time

    Record voice-over narration whilst previewing and editing your movie.

  • Localize

    Translate your movie text and distribute your movies internationally! New in Demo Builder version 5, the Localize Wizard allows you to update the language of your movies for international distribution by exporting your movie caption text (Balloon, Note, Text etc.) which you then update with text in the desired language.

  • Additional Keyboard Shortcuts

    The keyboard shortcuts are always available during the playing of a movie, whether you have selected to display the PlayerBar or not.

  • AutoCalculate Size/AutoCalculate Time

    wo additional options for your Balloons, Buttons, Notes and Texts have been introduced in version 5 to make it even easier for you to create great movies and demonstrations.

  • Apply Font Style/Formatting to all Objects

    Maintain consistency of 'look and feel' at a single click! For Balloons, Buttons, Notes and Texts you can now apply your chosen font style/formatting to all objects of the same type using the enhanced font properties editor.

  • New Events for Interactive Objects including OnRollOver

    Demo Builder version 5 introduces new events for your interactive objects(Buttons, Click Zones, Edit Zones) to give you total control over how your movie behaves in response to user actions. Each individual Event now has its own TimeLine so that you can precisely control the separate and specific sequencing of display and behaviours for that event.

    For each of these events, you can direct the desired behaviour of your movie by adding an Action to take and/or Audio to be played (including voice-over narration). For Click Zones, in addition to the above actions and audio, you can also add short Animation Effects to be applied when the specified event occurs. These Click Zone effects can also be 'looped' to continue for a set length of time.

  • New Actions for Interactive Objects

    Additional actions for the events of your Interactive Objects (Buttons, Click Zones, Edit Zones) have been introduced in version 5 to make it even easier for you interact with you users and give you full command over the behaviour of your movies.

  • New 'At End' Actions on Movie Completion

    What do you do when the movie is over? Demo Builder has all the options with 3 new actions added in version 5 : Go To Movie, Close Movie, Run EXE

  • Check as you type' for Edit Zone user input

    Now Demo Builder can check your users' responses for correctness character-by-character.

  • Transparent style for Edit Zones

    New transparent border style for Edit Zones - for when they have to blend into your scene 'invisibly'. (Combine them with the new OnRollOver event for truly stunning results!).

  • Redesigned Balloons and Notes, including new 'Soft' style

    New soft style for your Balloons and Notes to make them really stand out from the crowd!

  • Edit Zone 'Shortcut Key' to accept input from your users

    You can choose from either Enter or Tab to accept and validate user entry.

  • Automatically Insert Notes for 'Special Keys' at Capture Time

    With Demo Builder 5 you can now have Notes automatically inserted into your scenes if 'special keys' are pressed at capture time. For example, if F5 is pressed Demo Builder can automatically insert a Note with the text 'Press F5 key'.

  • New Animations, More Options and Functionality

    Animations have been redesigned and even more functionality added! More animation categories (all with subcategories), choose from more colors and set the direction of motion for your animations.

January 2006

Demo Builder 4

  • Auto Text

    Demo Builder does your work for you! During recording, Demo Builder can insert Ballons in the right place with the right text that best describes the action in your application.

  • Multiple Output Formats

    The export interface has been improved with the addition of new export formats : Standalone, Image files

  • Audio Editing

    Adjust volume, insert silence, edit mistakes or add an external audio file to a presentation with the built-in audio editor.

  • Multiple audio clips per scene

    Insert multiple audio clips for each scene or background sound for the whole movie.

  • Keystroke - Mute/Remove

    Enable or disable the sound of keystrokes. Remove the keystroke from the scene.

  • Click Zone - Hand Cursor

    Display the mouse cursor as a hand when 'hovering' over a Click Zone.

  • Customizable Playback Controls

    Choose to hide or show the PlayerBar's Info button during movie playback.

  • Editing - load/save background image - vertical aligment

    Save the background image of the scene for editing with an external graphic editor. Vertical Aligment: top, middle, bottom. Applies to balloons, notes, texts and animated texts. New context menu allows you to: Close movie, Delete a scene, Undo, Redo,