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Word Document

You can also publish your project in 'Microsoft Word DOC' format which will display your slides on printable pages in the format of your choosing. Choose to include cursor movements, text boxes and even blank lines so that students can take notes. Great for handouts !

  1. Scenes
    Determine the specific scenes that need to be exported.
  2. Include hidden scenes
    Check this option to include hidden scenes.
  3. Objects
    Specify the objects that need to be included in a scene.
  4. File Name
    Enter the document(.doc) file name. You do not need to include the filename extension (.doc).
  5. Frames per page
    Rows by Columns
  6. Elements
    'Scene Name', 'Blank lines for notes', 'Captions', 'Scene Notes'

Note: Please note that Microsoft Word 2003 or later must be installed on your machine.

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