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Upload To FTP Server

Upload your movie to your website.

FTP Server

  1. Server
    Enter the address for the FTP server. (e.g. hostname.com or 02.352.67.162) 
    You can get this information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) OR from the web server's administrator.
  2. Port
    This is the port to connect to on the FTP website. This is normally 21, however, it may be something different if you are going through a firewall, or if the site administrator has assigned the FTP service to a non-standard port.
  3. Path
    Enter the destination path for the file.
  4. Passive Mode
    Passive transfers are necessary for some firewall and gateway configurations and when you get failed data channel errors.
  5. Username and Password
    In the Username and Password boxes, enter the username and password assigned to you by the ISP or server administrator of the FTP site.
  6. Proxy
    The Proxy and Port fields are not mandatory.

After Upload

  1. URL prefix
    Enter a URL prefix which will be used when creating the full URL.
  2. Copy URL to Clipboard
    Select this option to copy the URL to the clipboard. You will hear a distinct sound confirming the copy to the clipboard.
  3. Open in the default browser
    Select this option if you would like the URL to be opened in your default browser once upload is completed.

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