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A transformation modifies a movie’s properties over time. For example, if you want to slowly scale up your movie, you add a transformation on the scene, then modify the Scale property in the 'Transformation Properties' panel.

Transformations are represented in the Timeline with a shaded rectangle.

A transformation may be added either manually or automatically. To add manually, first, click the Add Transformation button in the Transformations panel, then adjust the individual parameters: rotation on x,y and z, scale, and zoom-n-pan. If you don't wish to keep pressing the 'Add Transformation' button, you may enable the Automatic Keyframing option to add these for you as you use your mouse.

Transformations cannot be added onto a blank scene. The scene must first be created by either recording the screen or by importing an existing image or video file.

Listed below are explanations for each option found in the 'Transformations properties' panel.

  1. Toolbar
    The toolbar contains the following buttons : 'Play'(preview your transformation), 'Copy past values'(restore defined values from previous transformations), 'Reset'(clear all values)
  2. Rotate
    Choose your desired values on the x,y, and z axis, respectively.
  3. Spin
    Rotate your image 360 degrees on the x,y, and z axis, respectively.
  4. Scale
    Scale your image either up or down.
  5. Transparency
    Modify the transparency of your image.
  6. Zoom-n-Pan
    The Zoom-n-Pan feature allows you to focus your audience's attention on key aspects of your recording.
    Drag the 'Zoom' slider to select the zoom percentage-- this will select the percentage of the original image that is to be displayed after.
    Use the Pan tool to drag the image to the particular location you wish to showcase.

Clicking the individual labels will display a menu which offers the option to either 'Reset' the parameter or copy the specific parameter's values to all Transformations ('Apply to all' or 'Apply from here to end' depending on required needs)  

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