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The Start-End property is used to specify the load behaviour of the movie and the actions to be taken at the end of the movie.

  1. Preloader
    Customize the image to be displayed, optionally, as the movie loads. You can also adjust the load percentage that must be reached before the movie begins playing.
  2. Show Play button
    Add a 'Play' button at the beginning of your movie. The movie will only start playing when the 'Play' button is clicked. Without a 'Play' button, the movie will start playing as soon as it is loaded - without asking for any confirmation from the viewer.
  3. Domain Lock
    Tick the Domain Lock check box to restrict the accessibility of a movie to a specific domain (e.g mydomain.com).
  4. Expiration Date
    Add an expiration date to your movies so that these can't be played after a predetermined date. If users attempts to view an expired movie, they will be redirected to a webpage or displayed text explaining the situation.
  5. Ask Password
    Add password protection to your movies. This option allows you to create movies that will ask users for a password in order to be able to view the movie.
  6. At End- Action
    Add one of the following behaviors to the end of your movie : Stop Movie , Loop Movie, Close Movie, Go To URL, Run EXE, Go To Movie, Execute JavaScript
  7. Show Replay button
    Add a 'Replay' button at the end of your movie by ticking this check-box.

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