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Split/Merge cursors

How to Split a cursor motion

You can easily split an existing cursor motion into two separate cursor motions. You may wish to do this if you want one motion to occur, and the have the motion stop while something else is going on in the scene, then have the cursor motion resume afterbwards. To split a cursor motion into two motions, first select a cursor motion in the Timeline. Move the playhead inside the cursor motion, to the position where you want the split to occur. Hold down the CTRL key and drag the right side of the cursor motion. It is important to drag the "middle" of the new cursor motion and not the small arrow that's at the end of the cursor motion. Doing so will split the motion, thus creating a new cursor motion.

How to Merge two cursor motions into one

To merge two cursor motions into one cursor motion, you first have to make sure the first cursor motion does not have any click or double-click event associated with it. In the Timeline, move the first cursor motion by clicking the middle of it and dragging it, until it meets up with the second cursor motion. You'll notice that the two motions will merge into one.

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