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Resize your movie

Select the Size option from the movie properties panel in order to specify the new dimensions of your movie.
  1. Width x Height
    Click the drop-down box and choose a preset size(Web, CD, Blog, iPhone, HD) or select the Custom menu item to enter custom dimensions.
  2. Anchor
    Click an 'Anchor' button to specify which sides of the canvas Demo Builder should add to or delete from.
  3. Original and Design labels
    Click on the 'Original Size' label to restore the movie to its original size(the dimensions at capture time). Click on the 'Design Size' label to set the movie's output size equal to its size during editing(this feature is only applicable when the design-time scale is less than 100%).

Note: By default, the center anchor is selected, indicating that changes to the size of the canvas are made on all sides.

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