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Record the screen

From the start-up screen select 'Record the Screen'. Next, a 'Wizard' (see below) appears allowing you to customize your settings and start recording. Change the recording settings as necessary.

Demo Builder only captures activities within the red markings of the settings wizard. You can extend the size of the screen capture by clicking on the edges of the screen marker and manually dragging these to give your required screen capture size.

Select the recording method that best caters to your needs. Two methods are available: Take Screen Shots and Full-Motion Recording .

Similarly, you have the ability to record voice-over narration at capture time. Please note that you also have the ability add voice-over narration later, during the editing phase. For example, you may narrate the Timeline using the voice-over narration feature in the Editing Window.


  1. Record
    Click the Record button to start taking screenshots (or activate Full-Motion Recording) of your actions on a running application. Demo builder starts recording. An icon sits on your taskbar system tray and blinks red to denote that recording is in progress.
  2. End Recording
    To end the recording session left-click on the icon. Demo Builder will stop recording, compile and import screens-shots (or your full-motion recording), and then display the movie as a series of scenes in the Movie Window.

Click the Options button to change recording options.
  1. Camera sound audible during recording
    Available only when choosing the 'Take Screen-shots' method.
  2. Insert Cursors
    Select this option to insert cursor motion into your movie.
  3. Hide system tray icon
    If you are recording your entire screen and do not want the Demo Builder system tray icon to display during recording, simply select this option.
  4. Hotkeys
    You can set specific hotkeys for pausing/resuming the recording, as well as for ending the recording (in the case where you have hidden the system tray icon and cannot stop the recording by clicking on this).

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