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The Preferences window contains five tabs : General, Auto-Calculate, Text-To-Speech,Confirmation Messages and Defaults.

General Tab
  1. Check for update at start-up
    Verify automatically that you are using the most up-to-date version of Demo Builder! Tick this box to check if any updates are available when Demo Builder starts (recommended).
  2. Show the 'personalize' wizard upon capture
    Quickly personalize your movie by using 'Auto functions'-- insert a introduction scene,a ending scene, auto-text and more.
  3. Grid
    Using for lining up images, cursors, notes and balloons within your movie's scenes.
  4. Progress Window
    The Progress Window displays as your movie is being built.
    Pin : The progress window continues to display after Demo Builder completes compiling and stands ready to play the movie.
  5. Spelling Options
    Demo Builder can check spelling and grammar errors according to your language specification. You can use more than one language dictionary. Simply tick the relevant option box(es) as desired.

Auto-Calculate Tab
  1. Auto-Calculate Size
    You can use this option to have Demo Builder automatically estimate how large the text boxes (e.g. notes and balloons) should be.
  2. Auto-Calculate Time
    You can use this option to have Demo Builder automatically estimate how long each text box (e.g. notes and balloons) should be displayed in the Timeline. This is based on the "words per minute" reader profile.

Text-To-Speech Tab
  1. Voice
    Click on this combination box to change the default voice.
  2. Volume
    Determine volume. (0-100)

Confirmation Message Tab

When a box is checked from the list of options, Demo Builder will ask for confirmation of the corresponding actions when necessary.  

  • From the Preferences Wizard, Confirmation Messages tab, ensure that the 'Delete scenes' option is checked.
  • Then click on a Scene within your movie and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Demo Builder displays a confirmation message.
  • Click 'Yes' to confirm or 'No' to leave the scene in your movie.
  • If you check the box 'Don't Show Again', the Delete Scenes option in the preference wizard is auto-unchecked and Demo Builder will not request confirmation of this action until you re-check this in your preference wizard.

Defaults Tab

  1. Font
    Set the default font name and size.
  2. Style
    Set the default balloon, note, edit zone and button style.
  3. Duration
    This sets the default duration a new Scene or Object will be displayed for during a movie. For example, if the initial interval in preferences is set to 3 seconds, it means that objects you insert in your movies' scenes will be displayed for 3 seconds when the movie runs. You can adjust this default time manually in the Timeline.

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