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Movie properties can be found in the Thumbnails View. In the Title tab you can edit your movie’s publisher information (e.g. author, title, etc.). Change your movie’s size dimension in the Size tab; you can also edit this option in the start-up screen when you create a new movie. In the Background tab you can select or import background images for your movie. The Start-end tab allows you to edit the way your movie is loaded (e.g. select Ask Password to prompt viewers for a password) and the way your movie ends (e.g. enable your movie to take the viewer to a URL). You can select player or menu bars from the Navigation tab, which allow the viewer to navigate the movie while it plays; player bars can also display publisher information about the movie. The Watermark tab allows you to add a customized watermark and the Audio tab allows you to add audio files.

Set the following properties and options for Movie:

  1. Name
    The name property allows you to specify the movie's name, its author's name, a company's name, E-mail address, website and a brief description of the demo, tutorial or movie.
  2. Info
    Author, Company, E-Mail, Website and movie description. Your personal information will be displayed in the 'Info' box should a player bar be added to the movie
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  3. Size
    The size property allows you to specify a new size (in screen pixels) for your movie.
  4. Background
    Select a personal background color, gradient or wallpaper image for your movie.
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  5. Start-End
    The start-end property is used to specify the load behavior of the movie and the actions to be taken at the end of the movie.
  6. Navigation
    Add a player bar or menu bar to your movie.
  7. Watermark
    Add a custom watermark (or logo) to all scenes of your movie.
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  8. Background Audio
    Add background audio effects, including voice narration, to your movie by importing existing sound files on your system or by recording new ones using Demo Builder.

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