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Marks are essentially bookmarks within a scene. These can be used to specify actions and where you want an action to occur. Marks can either be added to a scene automatically during the recording process, or manually during the editing phase after recording. For example: You can use marks to make the movie jump from Scene 1/Mark 1 to Scene 3/Mark 4 if Scene 1/Mark 1 has Action "Go To Scene" with Scene3/Mark4 as the parameters.

To manually add a Mark to a scene, place the Playhead at the location where you want the mark added, then click the "+" button above the Timeline next to the Play button. To remove a Mark from a scene, position the Playhead over the mark to be deleted or select the Mark's number from below the Timeline. You'll notice that the "+" button changes to "--" . Press this button in order to remove the Mark. To move a Mark, move the mouse over it, or select it by clicking on its number, and drag it to a new location.

To change the Action for a Mark, select it (move the Playhead to its position or click on it in the Timeline), and then click the drop-down menu immediately to the right of the "+" or "--" icons above the Timeline. You'll notice that there are several actions to choose from : Stop Movie , Loop Movie, Close Movie, Go To URL, Run EXE,Go To Movie, Execute JavaScript

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