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Translate your movie

Translate your movie's text and distribute these internationally !

The Localize Wizard allows you to update the language of your movies for international distribution by exporting your movie's caption text (found in balloons, notes, text boxes) to a MS Word document (*.doc). Here, you translate the text in the desired language and then import it back to update your movie with the help of the 'Localize Wizard'. Start by selecting Localize... from the Demo Builder 'File' menu to bring up the Localize Wizard and then follow these steps :

  1. Select the desired Operation - either Export or Import.
  2. Enter or select the name and location of the export file that will contain the text to be 'localized'.
  3. Open MS Word and update the second column of the document generated to translate your original text into the desired language.
  4. Save the updated MS Word document.
  5. Run the Localize Wizard in Demo Builder again, but this time Import the translated text back into your movie.
  6. (Re-)Build your movie.


Note: Please note that Microsoft Word 2003 or later must be installed on your machine.

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