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Can demonstrations and tutorials that I have created with a fully licensed version of Demo Builder be sold and freely distributed by me?

Any exported movies, demonstrations, tutorials and so forth that you have made with a fully licensed version of Demo Builder are considered to be your own (intellectual) property. You are free to sell and/or distribute your own exported works as you desire.

I just purchased Demo Builder. How do I get the program and install it?

To install the full version of Demo Builder, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the customer area and enter the email and the password you received at the time you purchased Demo Builder.
  2. Download the program and license key file. Remember to put both files in the same folder after downloading them.
  3. Begin the setup process and follow the instructions on screen.

I have purchased the full version. Will I still be able to use the samples I have already created?

The movies, demonstrations and tutorials that you have created with a trial version of Demo Builder will still be fully usable. Opening and re-exporting these samples with a fully licensed version of Demo Builder will also remove the watermark from these movies.

What do I need to do with license key file ?

You do not have to open or view the product license key file. You must only save it in the same folder as the setup files of the full version of Demo Builder.

In this manner, Demo Builder's setup process will automatically locate it and you will not be asked for it. Should the product key not be co-located with the setup files, you will be asked to provide the correct path to the license key file during the installation process.

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