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The Keystroke object is only visible in the Timeline and not visible in the Objects Panel of the movie's Editing Window. It represents any keyboard actions taken during movie recording and is indicated in the Timeline as a 'Keystroke'.

How to Use the Keystroke Object (an Example)

  1. Open your usual text editing application (e.g. NotePad, MS Word, WordPerfect, etc.)
  2. Create a new movie and fit the screen capture area to the chosen text editing application.
  3. Start recording and type a few characters in the text editing application.
  4. Stop recording.
  5. The movie's properties should display the scenes created for your movie.
  6. Double click a scene to view its properties. In the Timeline, the type object is indicated.
  7. Position
    You can adjust the position of the type object within the Timeline by clicking, dragging and dropping it in the desired location within the Timeline.
  8. Typing Speed
    Adjust the typing speed visible in your movie by clicking on the edge of the object and extending it to cover a longer or shorter time period as necessary.

Keystroke's property panel

  1. Mute
    Enable or disable the typing sound.
  2. Remove
    Remove the keystroke from the scene. Note: This operation cannot be undone.

Note: The Keystroke's property panel is only visible when a scene is in editing mode and no other object is selected.

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