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Keyboard Shortcuts

The following Keyboard Shortcuts are available throughout Demo Builder :

Key Action
CTRL-O Open Project
CTRL-S Save Project
F10 Export Project
F11 Share Movie
CTRL-C Copy object or scene
CTRL-V Paste object or scene
Del Delete object or scene
CTRL-A Select all objects or scenes
F5 Home(see all scenes)
ENTER Edit Scene
F8 Preview Scene(s)
F9 Preview Movie
F6 Previous Scene
F7 Next Scene
B Insert Balloon
N Insert Note
T Insert Text Area
X Insert Animated Text
R Insert Rectangle
L Insert Ellipse
F Insert Image (from file)
P Insert Image (from cliparts)
H Insert Image (take screenshot)
C Insert Cursor
E Insert Edit Zone
U Insert Button
Z Insert Click Zone
A Insert Animation
V Insert Flash Video
O Insert Zoom Area
S Insert Blur Area
K Insert Hotkey

When playing a movie the following PlayerBar keyboard shortcuts are available :

Key Action
Home Back to First Scene
Space Pause/Play
Left Arrow Previous Scene
Right Arrow Next Scene
M Audio On/Off
I Info

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