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How do I create a transparent button?

A transparent button can be a simple Click Zone object. You should activate the 'Hand Cursor' to indicate to the user where the button is located and that some action is available or required from him or her.

How do I play audio when an event occurs?

Each of Demo Builder's interactive objects (Button, Click Zone, Edit Zone ) have events that are triggered by users' actions. To play audio when these events occur, simply select the relevant interactive object and follow these steps:

  1. From the TimeLine (bottom of screen), select the event that the audio is to be added to and choose when this will be played. (For example, the On Pass event of the Edit Zone object).
  2. Add the desired audio clip to be played within the event in the same manner as you add audio to a frame. (See here for further details).
  3. Repeat as desired for any other events/objects.
  4. Preview, test and amend if necessary.

Note: Each individual Event has its own TimeLine to define the separate sequencing of display and behaviours for that event.

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