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Import Video

Create a movie from an existing Video (avi, mpeg ...etc.) presentation.

  1. From the Start-Up screen select 'Import Video'
  2. When you create a new movie by importing a Video file, it is imported as an entire scene, and not as an object that can be controlled within a scene. Select the Video file you wish to import from your hard drive by clicking the 'Browse' button
  3. Once you click the Browse button and select your file, two options will show up :
    • Import Audio
      Check this option in order to import audio from the file
    • Frame Rate
      Initially, the frame rate is set to the original number of frames per second of the video file. To decrease the size of the exported SWF file, you can decrease the number of frames per second captured by Demo Builder from your video file.
  4. Click Finish

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