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Image Files

Exporting in 'Image Files' format creates a sequence of image files. Optionally, you can also export an html file in order to display all of the images within a web page.

  1. Scenes
    Specifies the specific scenes that need to be exported.
  2. Include hidden scenes
    Check this option to include hidden scenes.
  3. Objects
    Specify the objects that need to be included in a scene.
  4. Method
    Specify the method of generating the file names of the images.
    'Automatic File Name' or 'Use Scene Name as File Name'
  5. Prefix
    Enter the file name prefix if the method is : 'Automatic File Name Format'
  6. Format
    Specify the format for all images.
    BMP(Windows Bitmap), JPG(JPEG Image File), GIF(CompuServe GIF), PNG(Portable Network Graphics)
  7. Size
    Specify the size of the images.
    Maintain Aspect Ratio, Reset To Original Size : set image size to movie size
  8. Export HTML
    This option exports a html file in order to display the image files within a web page.
  9. HTML Style
    Specifies the style in which you want to display the images.
    'One image per page' or 'All images on page'
  10. HTML File Name
    Enter the html file name. You do not need to include the filename extension (.html).
    Click '<>' button to edit the HTML content. The HTML file contains html code with the following special tags :
    <% MOVIE NAME%> - Your Movie's Name - and - <%IMAGE FILES%> - An array of images

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