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A Hotkey can be used to show the viewer a keyboard combination used in a program that was recorded and its properties can be edited in the Design View by clicking on the hotkey in the timeline or on the canvas. The Title tab allows you to rename the hotkey and in the drop down menu you can edit its location. In the Style tab you can edit the style and size of the hotkey and the Shortcut tab allows you to edit its keyboard combinations.

Set the following properties and options for Hotkeys:

  1. Name
    The default name for a hotkey is 'Hotkey X' ('Hotkey 1', 'Hotkey 2', 'Hotkey 3', and so onward), and this is visible in the name property of the object. You can change an hotkey's name by deleting the default name and typing in another one. Ensure the hotkey is selected before attempting to change its name property.
  2. Location
    Change the location of the hotkey on the Canvas.
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  3. Style
    The style property allows you to change the appearance of the Hotkey. The default style is 'Classic'.
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  4. Shortcut
    The shortcut property allows you to change the keyboard combinations.

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